Check Out These Things to Do in London

There’s quite a lot to enjoy in the rich London heritage. Tourists have dozens to marvel at once they reach England’s capital. From Westminster Palace, The London Eye, Madam Tussauds, Big Ben and many more, you’ll surely have the fullest travelling experience you’ll never forget. Try out these places to visit in London:


Westminster Palace as One of the Top London Tourist Attractions

This complex has the traces of London’s height during medieval times. What used to be the Kings’ homes in England is now referred to as the Houses of Parliament. As one of the things to do in London, tourists can see this fortress as an active yet historical piece.


The palace’s stained and patterned glass windows, along with layered lines on the side of the structure is also the go-to place of government administration for litigators and parliamentary representatives. Travellers can also make the most of this site by passing by the Westminster Abbey, and those who are fans of antique architecture can certainly feast their eyes on one of these top places to visit in London.


The London Eye

For people who want to have the most relaxing views of London, the Millennium Wheel must be one of their priority rides. Tourists can ride on to one of its gondolas, and they can already see all of London while overlooking the Thames River, within just one 30-minute revolution.


Booking for a ride should also be done ahead of time since this ride invites millions of tourists each year. As one of the places to visit in London, tourists can also enjoy the city’s blue skies, and heritage-filled views.


Madam Tussauds among London Tourist Attractions

Travellers can also see their favourite pop and iconic personalities in this house of wax. Whether they’re huge fans of Star Wars or One Direction they can re-live an entire experience of their characters’ surroundings in Madam Tussauds. They’d be amazed by how detailed the figures are, from their hair, skin complexion, hair colour and even outfits. Among London tourist attractions, this place allows for tourists to have their fill of celebrity selfies.


The Monumental Big Ben

In all of the places to visit in London, this is one of the landmarks, which tourists need to see and take pictures of. It particularly looks majestic at night, as lights turn up to highlight the clock tower’s architectural details. The entire experience even feels more complete as they hear the clock’s bell ring at every hour. Travellers might also find how this 19th-century tower continues to look grand even today.


With over three dozens of places to visit in London, these mentioned areas should give you a head start in preparing for your tour. Check out what other tourists have to say and don’t miss out on the opportunity to see this city today.

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