Most exciting Things to do in Shanghai

Essentially, shanghai is one of the most popular cities in Asia. The city is always buzzing with activity any time of the day and night. It has a population of more than 23 million and, therefore, you will encounter huge crowds in every place you go. Nonetheless, Shanghai has numerous attraction sites that will give a memorable experience. Here is a list of the most exciting things to do in Shanghai.


Zhongshan Lu

Zhongshan Lu or the Bund is a magnificent walkway along the bank of Huangpu Jiang River. This area was an International Settlement area and it is a popular tourist spot. As you walk along the riverbank, you will notice old buildings depicting French and English architecture. Currently, these buildings host restaurants, offices and art galleries. If you are wondering on what to do in Shanghai, there is a lot of beautiful European architecture to admire on this walkway.


Jade Buddha Temple

Jade Buddha Temple is a magnificent temple located at Anyuan Lu district. This temple is one of the famous Shanghai attractions because it houses two statues that monk Huigen brought from Burma. This temple has three halls and two courtyards. The temple houses various statues, for instance, the four heavenly kings. A tour to Jade Buddha Temple will give you a significant insight of Buddhism.


Yu Garden

Yu Garden or Garden of Happiness is a splendid building that occupies more than 20,000 square metres. This building is consists of an inner and an outer garden and it is one of the oldest buildings in Shanghai. As your list of things to do in Shanghai, you should make sure you visit this Yu Garden. You can spot the building from a distance, because of its splendid roof ornaments. Once you approach it, you will notice the dragon decorations on the walls.

The Oriental Pearl Tower


Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower are 468 metres tall. This tower is a perfect location where you can enjoy the breath taking view of the Shanghai city and the river. If you are not sure of what to do in Shanghai, you can visit Oriental towers and view the city on the 15 viewing areas on this magnificent tower. You will find this prominent tower on the east bank of Huangpu River.


Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum is one of the most important Shanghai attractions because it houses elegant Chinese art. This building depicts the conventional Chinese concepts of earth because it has a round top and a square base. Shanghai has four floors, which display Chinese artefacts from ancient cultures to the 19th-century culture. Shanghai museum holds large collections of historical items that go back in 1368. Moreover, you will see ancient ink drawings and other collections from ethnic subgroups.

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