On the Tourist Trail through Berlin Germany

The sights and sounds of Berlin Germany are attractive to many tourists who make their way to this centre of Europe’s most robust economy. Berlin is memorable for its roles in the World War II debacle through the Cold War Era, as the shared capital of East and West Germany.


Berlin stands today, as a unified city with a vast and diverse blend of ethnic groups and cultures. It’s abundant sightseeing attractions, nightlife and reverie spots make it a melting pot for people from across the globe. Famous historic landmarks include the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate. Vestiges of the Berlin Wall can still be seen around Reichstag and Checkpoint Charlie.


When you visit Berlin you have a chance to see the Neuschwanstein Castle, reputed to be the most photographed edifice in Germany. It plays out as one of the most visited tourist destinations around Europe. It is nestled in the midst of the Bavarian Alps with all of its breath-taking views and splendour.


The Neuschwanstein is located in the precincts of Fussen and was the motivation for the famous Sleeping Beauty Castle of Walt Disney. It was built in the late 1800s as a fanciful retreat by the Bavarian royalty and then headed by King Ludwig II.


The king was reputed for his daydreams, and the castle is a reminder of the span of his thoughts. Unlike other castles of that age that was built as a fortress from the ides of battle, this Berlin Germany architectural masterpiece was the result of some ephemeral musings.


Berlin Germany offers treasures of historical splendour like the Heidelberg Castle, the medieval-Old Bridge, and Church of the Holy Spirit, amongst others. Heidelberg is a popular scenic spot for tourists, and the city centre is packed with museums, galleries, shops, pubs and restaurants. Here you feel like you are at the centre of the world with the diverse nationalities you will come across.


Berlin Germany records that its oldest university is located in Heidelberg, and you can trace the Philosopher’s Walk to trace the long academic history of the city. Many ancient philosophers and reputed professors have walked that path in the halcyon years.


The tourist trail of Berlin Germany will be incomplete without a mention of the huge seaport of Lubeck. It is found in the country’s Northern fringes. Lubeck is said to be the first city to be bombed during World War II, and it was severely damaged. The city still retains relics of its medieval architecture, and it has remained a popular tourist attraction. It hosts a stunning medieval cathedral, a Town Hall built in the 12th century and old city gates like the Holstentor, amongst others.

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