Things to Do In Bonito

Bonito is a municipality situated in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil. It is one of the best tourism hubs that offer vacationers from all around the globe the time of their lives. Before being part of the tour groups, you have to make your bookings in advance. Visitors have many preferences when it comes to things to do in Bonito.


The local community is amiable and welcoming and will go the extra mile to make you feel at home. Bonito attractions feature marvellous water sports and beautiful natural wildlife.


Rio da Prata

Rio da Prata, located within a ranch, thirty-two miles away from the municipality, is the central ecotourism location in Bonito, Brazil. Notorious for beautiful natural landscape the ecosystem offers gushing waterfalls, bustling rivers, enchanting wildlife, hidden caves and thick forests.


Activities one can do in Rio da Prata include scuba diving in the crystalline rivers beside beautiful tropical bird species with more than fifty colours; hiking in the beautiful landscape; and bird watching in the intimidating forest.


Gruta do Lago Azul

Also known as the Blue Lake Cave, it is located 21 kilometres from Bonito. Gruta do Lago Azul is a mysterious cavern with huge pillar formations and a radiant underground lake.


Visitors can take an excursion down the stairs into the blue waters of the cave with the help of a tour guide. However, the cave is full of mosquito, so it is suitable to pack a mosquito repellent to avoid skin irritation.


Estancia Mimosa

It is one of the most visited bonito attractions, created with an aim of conserving the environment. Visitors can enjoy several activities such as bird watching, hiking, bird watching and jumping and splashing around seven alluring waterfalls.


Aquidaba River – Parana

Counted among the most attractive locations in Bonito, it offers clear cold waterfalls. You can do several things in Aquidaba River Parana including swimming, host picnics, and other outdoor activities as you become part of the breath-taking scene.


The forest where the river is located has many exotic animal and bird species; therefore, you can also indulge in bird watching and photography.


Rio Sucuri

It is part of the Natural Heritage Reserves, located 18 kilometres from Bonito. It occupies an area of 8,405 hectares and offers visitors an opportunity to explore the excellent underwater sea life. A guided tour of the farm ensures that visitors see the most attractive spots and there are bars, shops, and restaurants in the reserve.


Apart from swimming, you can also opt for horseback riding, bike tours, and ATV tours. Each activity has separate charges.


Gruta De Sao Miguel

The caves of Sao Miguel are located 12 km away from Bonito in the Green Valley Anhumas Natural Park. The cave is a sight to behold, starting from the stunning architectural visitor’s centre to the captivating cave entry through a 200meter suspended track.


These caves rank high among things to do in Bonito and visitors will learn about stalagmites, pearls, travertine, and stalactites. You may also get a rare chance to see the Sundara owl.


Bonito Attractions

For nature lovers, a trip to Bonito promises to be exciting; thus don’t hesitate to visit the area.

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